LEAKED EARLY! We get permission to showcase the BRAND NEW ARRMA FELONY - SO WHAT's FIRST?! TIRE BURN OUT!! This is a 1/7th scale "Resto-Mod" Muscle Car. THIS CAR IS SO FARKING BAD A$$ that I will need a HUGE parking lot to rip this whip. This Electric Goliath can reach speeds of up to 80mph (125kph!) when geared with the 27t Pinion, and powered on 6s Lipo Speed.  Today, I give a smoke show to start the vibe off right.. and then straight into the unboxing - then outside for it to spin it's tires.. and you can HEAR THE POWER of this amazing new ride from ARRMA and Horizon Hobby
*GET A 2020 1/7 ARRMA FELONY RACE CAR HERE*: https://bit.ly/33UXvrh
E-Clip Tool : https://bit.ly/3kBFC6S  *I love mine..*

WANT A TRUCK VERSION?! CHECK out the NEW 1/7 INFRACTION All-Road Street Bash 6S BLX with Spektrum RTR with AVC!! https://bit.ly/3fZ2kSV

SPEKTRUM 3s Lipo "Smart" Battery 5000mah (x2) : https://bit.ly/3gW1cAn
SPEKTRUM Smart Charger: https://bit.ly/3h1hCHw

KEY New features of the ARRMA FELONY 6S BLX include:
NEW - Highly detailed multi-piece body
NEW - Spektrum DX3 transmitter
NEW - Spektrum FIRMA 150
NEW - Rear driveshaft stabilizer
NEW - Safe-D inputs
NEW - Motor heatsink and fan
NEW - Black and orange colourways
NEW - HOONS 53/107 2.9 wide rear tires
NEW - Rear final drive to accommodate the new larger HOONS tires and give equal drive to the font and rear wheels.
NEW - Extensive customization pack featuring different elements to fit to the body.

Want to see and learn more about the ARRMA FELONY 6S BLX, check out the links belo

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