Building Backyard Pit Bike Track!!

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In todays video, we rent a bulldozer and begin our backyard dirt bike track build! We had absolutely no idea what we were doing and have never drove a dozer before but Ben stepped up to the plate and was able to learn very quickly! Within the next 9 hours and some help from our friend Kody! We had a pit bike track built! The track still needs to be fine tuned with a skid steer and be disked but it was ride able so we tested it out with Bens crf 450 which was way to big to ride this track and our Polaris RZR RS1 which is absolutely perfect for this track! The track came out perfect when it comes to flow! We are all gonna need to get our hands on some pit bikes soon!! Later we surprise Ken with a new exhaust system! And we install some heretic Lights and light bars on our Polaris Rzr! 

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Building Pit Bike Track in Backyard!!
Building Backyard Pit Bike Track!!
Wheelie Bar for Dirt Bikes!!
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Building New Dream Shop!! 
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