BREAKING: Ar-Ab Stabbed By Cellmate, His Condition Is Dire!

Philly rapper Ar-ab's Situation just took a turn for the worst. according to an Instagram post shared to his account on December 8, he’s not receiving some much needed medical care.

While AR-Ab’s manager Poerilla originally mentioned a “laceration” on his head, it wasn’t apparent how he wound up with the injury until now. During a recent interview with Da Interrogation Room, his little brother Lik Moss made it clear just how dire AR-Ab’s condition really is.

“Right now, he’s in a position where he can’t walk at all,”. “But he’s on a block with my brother and little cousin so they kind of taking care of him right now.”

Lik then revealed some of his medical issues stem from a stabbing incident involving AR-Ab who was on the phone when a fellow inmate went on a rampage. The man ran through the area slashing random people and AR-Ab was allegedly one of the victims.

“Probably about 80 percent of his body is black,” Lik explained. “It’s pussing and bleeding. And he ain’t used the bathroom in a week — like urinated. So we know that’s a kidney problem. But they not giving him no medical attention. … when he got stabbed they took him to the hospital — well, not the hospital but you know, the medical. Then they put him right in the hole. … He catch hives in the hole. … He blackout then they take him to medical. But, they don’t run no real tests.”

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