BOYS vs GIRLS. WHO WINS? – Real differences you can relate to by La La Life

Boys are sooo.... boys. And girls are girls. Is there really so many difference?
Kitty and Pete are going to find out racing for the class presidency. Couple of pranks and tik toks involved =)

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00:00 The bad dream
00:21 Girl's vs boys morning
01:17 How girls greet each other vs how boys greet each other
01:45 The dance battle
02:41 School time
03:30 Manspreading
03:58 Boys vs girls homework
04:32 How girls sleep vs how boys sleep
04:50 Feeling sick
05:33 Boys vs girls morning routine
06:57 If someone wears the same clothes
08:15 Who is gonna be the new class president?
09:40 The prank

#girly #comedy #musical

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