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Bison meat vs beef, ever wonder which is better? Maybe even bison vs buffalo? Did you know bison is among the best sources of protein you can buy? These are not a simple questions to answer, so thankfully, The Bearded Butchers are going to show everyone the differences today! And of course, there will be a cooking demonstration!

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When it comes to the taste of buffalo or bison, sometimes people are afraid that it might be dry. A lot of people ask us what does bison taste like, instead of trying it for themselves. It's true bison is a lean meat and lean beef is the opposite of Prime beef. So then what is lean meat, anyways? That's what we'll explain today. Just because bison may be lean, it doesn't mean that it's dry or without flavor. Be sure to use some of our tips and tricks and your next ground bison burger can be just as tender, juicy, and moist as your next hamburger. Same with bison steaks! The bison you see used today came straight from our own farm at Whitefeather Meats in Creston, Ohio. Be sure to stop by and visit us or check out Be sure to stay locked in for the cooking demo, even in the snow, you know there will be meat sweats!

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