Bill Burr best shows & roasts Ultimate Compilation

Are you tired, as I am, of watching each videos of Bill Burr individually on the Internet? This video was made for you! Here is a tribute to this legendary humorist we all know!

Awesome Bill!

Also if you love Bill Burr, you should check this video of Sugar Sammy roasting people:

Sugar Sammy, Best improv moments, full show

And Dave Chappelle best moments:

Bill Burr was never an overnight sensation. It happened gradually. He’s a comedian who has been so consistently hilarious, so consistently impassioned about his jokes, and so consistently on edge that after two decades, hardly anybody can remember a time when they didn’t know Bill Burr.

But that’s not to say that he’s never the subject of widespread media interest. In 2006, Bill Burr walked onto a stage in Philadelphia in front of an audience that had booed and jeered every comedian who had come up before him, and they treated him the same. That became his shining moment. Bill Burr unleashed a torrent of witty rage that was so glorious that even the angry, rowdy crowd set aside their own inane contempt to laugh in praise of the miracle that they had just witnessed. That moment was special because it defined Bill Burr.

Since then, Burr has been busy as ever. He’s produced a popular podcast (the Monday Morning Podcast), appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, and released four albums and comedy specials.


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