BIG CUT BAIT Catches the PREDATOR We’ve Been Chasing!! (Lake Fishing)

We FINALLY caught the lake predators we've been chasing using BIG cut bait! Cut crappie is a VERY effective bait in the Summer! Subscribe for more catfishing ►

Using GIANT Bait for Spillway MONSTERS Before a Storm! (Surprise Catch)

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FLASH FLOOD Draws BIG Fish to Urban Spillway!!!

Fishing w/ GIANT LIVE TADPOLES as Bait!!! (Bass CANDY)

Bass Fishing w/ LIVE Trout!!! --BEST Bait for Big Fish???

GIANT Fish are TRAPPED in this Tiny Puddle!! -How Did They Get HERE???

Fishing w/ LIVE Trout for GIANT Fish!!!

I Caught the KING OF THE SPILLWAY!!! (Surprising)

Catching GIANT Fish TRAPPED in Hidden Spillway!!!

Unexpected GIANT Fish Catch from Spillway!!! (RARE)

Surprise BIG FISH Catch from Stagnant Spillway!! 

8 Year Old Battles MONSTER FISH at TINY Spillway!!!

RUSHING Water Draws GIANT Fish to a TINY Spillway!!!

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