Behind The Scenes Secrets From Jessie Disney Show

Disney Secrets From Jessie's Behind The Scenes Moments Will Surprise Even You. 

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Despite being one of the most popular Disney Channel programs, the show Jessie didn’t even have a proper pilot episode! They went full steam ahead with the series, which was created after Debby Ryan made a splash on The Suite Life on Deck. She might have been a star, but that doesn’t mean she was above playing pranks on her fellow castmates! Peyton List reveals what moment was incredibly awkward for her on set, while Kevin Chamberlin reminisces about Cameron Boyce dancing to entertain everyone on set. Oh, and Mr. Kipling the giant lizard? His real name is Frank, and apparently he’s not always the best co-star to be stuck working with! We’ll also talk about the rumor regarding Skai Jackson’s alleged feud with a fellow cast member, and what Karan Brar’s voice really sounds like. One of these stars became the youngest director on the channel’s history, and Josie Totah said she was finally able to be herself after it ended. 

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