Becky Lynch SAD NEWS….& Seth Rollins Walking Out OF WWE? Renee Young Career Changing Announcement!

Becky Lynch Sad WWE News, Seth Rollins Walking Out of WWE? And Renee Young’s career changing announcement 

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are in the wwe news and rumors headlines once again after a new Seth Rollins Rumors has appeared. Rumors claim that WWE Superstars are pressuring Seth Rollins to walk out of the WWE sit out of the tapings so that they can follow Seth Rollins right after. Seth Rollins is looked at as WWE leader, so the superstars are looking at him on some idea of how to handle the tapings. Seth Rollins has been at all the recent WWE tapings lately and don’t forget that Seth Rollins has a pregnant Becky Lynch at home as well so Seth Rollins being at the performance center is quite the risk for Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, who is pregnant. Some rumors claim that Seth Rollins is really feeling the pressure from Raw and Smackdown locker rooms, but other wrestling news reports claim that Seth Rollins will remain at the tapings and won’t go anywhere. So if Seth Rollins does eventually sit out of the WWE, everyone will be understanding towards Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch 

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch aren’t the only WWE Superstars featured in today’s wrestling news update. Renee Young reveal that she had a major announcement for her career. Renee Young took to Instagram to announce that she has finally finished her cooking book. Renee Young has been working on this announcement for 3 months now and Renee Young’s book is finally done. We’ll go over this Renee Young news as well

Becky Lynch Sad News: 0:31
Seth Rollins Walking Out of WWE: 1:04
Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch: 2:43
Seth Rollins Rumors: 3:08
Renee Young Announcement: 7:00
Renee Young Instagram Video: 7:59
Wrestling News and rumors recap: 10:07

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