Because… He’s Getting Worse | House M.D.

Just when a solution is found for a patient's paralysis through surgery is almost instantly lost when the patient's condition seems to get even worse. Just another day for House I guess. 

Season 1 Episode 9 "DNR"
John Henry Giles (Harry Lennix), a legendary jazz musician with ALS, is brought in to be treated by Foreman for pneumonia. House's attempt to prove that he doesn't really have ALS causes John Henry to suffer respiratory failure. House intubates him in violation of his DNR and tries to keep him on life support using a legal technicality. Cameron notices a blood clot, which is removed, and MRI reveals an Arteriovenous malformation which is operated on restoring his ability to walk. Meanwhile, Foreman receives a lucrative job offer from John Henry's doctor, his former mentor.

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