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I’m sorry if this video didn’t full fill what you guys wanted to see. This vid was made by my vision so yeah.. i’m sorry.. and also grammar problems JAJAJAJJAJA

Story : 

Riley-18 y.o 

- Jacob like to throw sudden parties and his mom is bothered by him for throwing such random parties in his big house. His mom invited one of her best friend’s daughter to help babysit him till he changes. Valerie’s a village girl who has her grandma’s  name “Stephane”. Her grandma is facing through cancer stage 3, and is still suffering. Valerie’s lives in her grandma’s shade until her grandma was hospitalised. She moved back to her parents house. The Elizabeth’s, the richest family of the business company. Stephane (grandma) was a really huge supporter for Valerie. One day Riley overheard Jacob and his gang conversations. She spread all rumors about Valerie. Next day, Valerie’s life changed from that towards. Good thing her grandma sent her a small message when she was little and that helped her go through tough and rough times like this. They hung out alot and is now dating and become one of the richest couple. *no kids lol* 

Hope this story is good enough haha 😂.
Took me 3 days to make. (With editing) 

Apps used : 
Ibis Paint X 

Drop a comment if you want to see a tutorial of the shadings lol 😂.

Songs doesn’t belong to me. Credits to the creator! 
- lakey inspired : blue boiz

- lakey inspired - in my dream 

Rest are from kinemaster itself 😂 

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