Baby Tries To Steal Food From Giant Dogs!! (Don’t Try This At Home!!) Feeding Time At The Zoo!!

Sharing is caring! I think this video is testament to how well behaved and respectful Niko and Phil are. They understand the vulnerability of Mia, watch her take her food first and even when she tries to take the bowl from them they back off and allow her! They have always been taught patience right from day 1 with their food being taken away any sign of aggression and within a few weeks of training from a puppy they were set. It is important to phase this instinct out as early as possible and replace it with trust and reward. You can take any food off them at any time, they just get a little narky with trying to take it off each other but thats normal haha. Whilst We would never leave Mia unattended with the dogs let alone with food, this is just our experience of our dogs and our methods of training that show positive results. Its so cute to watch something so big let something so little eat first! This was just some shepherds pie but as they all came begging Shane felt guilty and shared. Whist we urge the importance of risk and not to try this at home, we just wanted to share how our baby and dogs happily interact together with love and care for each other.
Could you resist Phil's seal impression when he begs?? Comment below

Love from all the gang xx

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