Antique Drag Saw [Restoration] – Part 2: Will It Run?

In this restoration I tackle the largest project I have done to date!  This is a 1920-1930s drag or log saw made by the Ottawa Mfg. Co. of Ottawa, Kansas, USA.  This is a TE model with a 5HP 4-stroke engine on it.  The saw mimics the sawing action of two people using a non-powered crosscut saw.  The saw blade itself is 5ft long.

I have not dealt with 4-stroke engines very often in my restoration history, so it was a lot of fun learning along the way.

The tool itself shows signs of many repairs over its ~100 years, including a lot of brazing due to large frost cracks and completely broken castings in other places.  The wooden base is rotting away and is cracked in many places.   The magneto does not produce spark and the piston is stuck as well!

In this video I tackle the repair of the wooden base as well as reassemble everything for testing.  I decided to only paint certain parts and to leave the new wooden base rustic looking to match the rest of the saw.  I plan on bringing the saw to antique engine shows, so I thought that making it look "old" would be the right choice.  

This project was entirely funded by patrons so I want to keep this tool and show it off when I can as a way to remember everyone's contributions.

I would like to thank Evapo-Rust for sponsoring this video.

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