All That I’m After – kalley | Moment

"All That I'm After" sung by kalley live at Bethel Church


Verse 1

My Savior in the darkest valley
My shepherd in the open pasture
My leader for the path before me
My Father when I don’t know the answers

Surrendering is easy when it comes to You
I was made to love You, it’s the least that I can do

Here’s my life, no hesitations
So deserving of it all
I enthrone You in the center
You’re all that I’m after
Here’s my heart, no reservations
You are worthy of it all
It’s my joy to live surrendered
You’re all that I’m after

Verse 2
All the things that I’ve been holding
I’ll give it all to find You fully
There you are extended toward me
You fill me up to overflowing

You are my joy
You are my joy
You are my joy

Kalley Heiligenthal, Jason Ingram, Joshua Grimmett

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