A Poor Dog Is Crying Beside Puppy Died

A Poor Dog Is Crying Beside Puppy Died

         I returned home after working in the field. I was working later than everyone, so I returned home deserted. This road has just been built so it is incomplete.

         I saw a male dog wandering the street so I followed him. Suddenly I saw the dog running down the rubble. I followed the dog and found the scene horrible. Huge rubble. I went on when I heard the sound of the puppy calling somewhere. Oh my god, there are two poor puppies. I looked around but couldn't see the mother dog. Perhaps the male dog stole 2 puppies here.

       Oh my God! 1 puppy is dead. Pitiful! I just got home from work, so there was only one glove left in my pocket. I have to use it to hold the dead puppy. I hurriedly took the small dog home because it was probably too hungry. I washed my mouth and eyes for the little dog to prepare him for the milk. I will try to feed the puppy many small meals.

     Sadly, a small dog died before. Now I will dig a hole and bury the dog. I chose a nice and cool place to bury the resting dog. I will sprinkle lime to disinfect it, I think so. I cried, I really didn't want to do this. I hope the dog will have a better afterlife. Thank you for listening to my story. I will update about the dog daily. Good bye and see you again.


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