2nd Stimulus Check Update: $1,200 Stimulus Check Timeline | $1,600 Stimulus | $17,325 Grant Money

Today we will be discussing the second stimulus check update and stimulus package update news. We will also dive into the $1,600 Stimulus boost and the new $17,325 grant money being paid out now...

Stimulus Update August 13th:
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So many people were hoping for the second stimulus check to come through, however, it is not looking likely this month. In regards to the next stimulus package, congress still says they are too far apart to come to any deal right now. Only time will tell when Congress decides that the American people have had enough and need more direct stimulus payments as quickly as possible. 

The stimulus check confirmed by many people and has been confirmed for over a month, but the problem is everything else in the stimulus package. For instance, state and local government funding is an issue, so is funding for the United States Postal Service, and food assistance. These are just some of the hangups for this next stimulus package. 

Honestly, the Heals Act stimulus and the Heroes Act Stimulus packages are completely different. Yes, they both have some of the same stuff, but the numbers are almost all different. Why? Based on what Nancy Pelosi has said is because they both have a different set of values. 

What I can tell you is that the second stimulus payments from this second stimulus are going to take some time. Based on reports, there won't be a second stimulus check anytime in August, so we all have to sit back and wait for something to happen there. My guess is that the only way for a stimulus bill to pass is if the economy takes a turn for the worse, but by that time the 2nd stimulus check will be too late and much more people will homeless and without food. 

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