2. Wild Baby Oscar Tank – Gets into Trouble Already!

This fish is called wild oscar cichlid, or Astronotus ocellatus wild. Not to be confused with Oscar Wilde. :) He/she is around 5cm (2 inches). The pleco is called Gold nugget pleco or L018.

This wild oscar most likely came from a commercial breeder. Oscars aren’t endangered species, and some are probably caught from the wild. However, most oscars are easily bred in a tank.

I bought a new DC pump b/c the the Sicce silent pump wasn’t very silent at all. This DC pump is completely silent at 29% power, and it pumps out pretty much the same amount of water as the other one at that power. I’m really digging the “feed” button. That function turns off the pump for 10 minutes so you can feed your fish and the filter doesn’t suck up the food while the fish eats. Sicce Silent 1.5 was 23W pump, and this Grovita is 25W pump. The pump’s digital readout screen doesn’t flash like that in real life, it’s b/c of the difference between the refresh rate of the screen and the camera’s fps.

I didn’t do the usual drip acclimation b/c the bag was full of detritus. However, I should’ve done the drip method for the oscar. The oscar took over 2 days for him to swim around comfortably.

I bought the pleco from the same seller. I was going to get a regular pleco, but this one was so purdy. This pleco hasn’t left the safety of the driftwood, yet. He only cleans the driftwood and nothing else. I’m a little disappointed, so I might get a different pleco, and have the L018 clean the driftwood and another one clean the rest of the tank, maybe.

The baby oscar somehow got stuck in the sump. This is something that I never thought would happen when I designed the sump. I don’t know how long he was stuck in there. I was pretty sure he had jumped out somehow, and I looked all over the place outside the tank for over 10 minutes.

This oscar took around 8 days until he was comfortable with me. He finally associated me and the tweezers with food. Now, he is glued to the front glass when I enter the room.

Since he eats pellets now, the next video will be feeding him bunch of different kinds of foods.

Setup of this tank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdztSZxMwAo&t

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Pollock, untitled was printed out from a web picture.

Sliding rail


Shot with LG V50 and edited with premiere pro.

Consolation No.3