12 Awesome New Names The Washington Redskins NEED To Consider

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For decades, the Washington Redskins have been heavily criticized for refusing to change the team name and logo that’s widely regarded to be offensive and racist towards Native Americans.

This has been the team name since 1933. Owner Dan Snyder has continually rejected and ignored calls to change the name, emphasizing that he will never go through with it. But Snyder may finally have no choice but to give in.

Investors asked several major companies to force Washington to change its team name. FedEx, which owns the stadium’s naming rights, called for a new name. Nike also stopped selling team merchandise on its website. 

The team put out a statement that said they were reviewing the team name. When all is said and done, Snyder and the Washington football club will likely have to choose a new one. And there will be no shortage of compelling options.

Here are 12 perfect name ideas for Washington’s football team. First, a couple of honorable mentions:

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