1000hp Hot Rod Boat Gang! Finnegan’s Garage Ep.109

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There is a place not far from me where the freedom echoes off the rooftops of lakefront houses, where men dare to blast across water in machines made of fiberglass, with engine's so large that the boats nearly sink under the weight of their awesomeness. We journey to Waterloo, South Carolina, to witness the spectacle of 30 hot road boats ripping across water with supercharged V8 engines belching the music of our people through open headers. It was all part of Leonard Pope's Waterloo Boogaloo hot boat party and it was incredible!
We saw jet boats, v-drives, tunnel hulls and hydros and we put more miles in a single day behind the wheel of Game Over than we have since its maiden voyage earlier this year. There was a food truck and live music by Testarossa, who graciously allowed us to use its tunes for the soundtrack to this video you can find them at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdhmKsKVaqhZaffF7P1QYag. Hopefully we can all get together again next year for another installment of this epic day on the water. 


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