100% Blind ONE PIECE Review (Part 9): Thriller Bark

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I've covered Dragon Ball primarily for years. I've covered pretty much the entire
series and so I thought this would be the perfect challenge. Something that's just crazy enough 
to interest me. ONE PIECE! Eiichiro Oda's magnum opus and one of the longest running 
and certainly most popular manga series out there. Today I'll be reviewing and giving 
my first impressions on the chapters  375 - 441 of One Piece. Covering the Enies Lobby & 
Post Enies Lobby arcs.

I've since completed:

PART 1 - Romance Dawn, Orange Town, Syrup Village & Baratie.
PART 2 - Arlong Park & Loguetown.
PART 3 - Reverse Mountain, Whisky Peak, Little Garden & Drum Island.
PART 4 - Alabasta arc
PART 5 - Jaya & Skypiea
PART 6 - G8 & Long Ring Long Land
PART 7 - Water 7 arc
PART 8 - Enies Lobby & Post Enies Lobby

Is One Piece all that it's cracked up to be? Or was it worse than I thought. 
Find out this week as we dive into the massive pirate adventure with Luffy in 
Totally Not Mark's series review of One Piece. Part 8!


-Chopper's Sad Theme (Cover by Veiyla)
-Overtaken (Wano Mix by Prod.ZAKI)
-Sogeking's Theme (Cover by opsouthjakarta)
-To The Grand Line (Arrangement by an unnamed orchestra :frowning: )
-Bink's Sake (Music Box Cover)


-World Seeker
-Unlimited Red
-Pirate Warriors 3

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