10 of the Strangest Mystery Boxes That Actually Exist!

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Some words to describe these mystery subscription boxes? Weird. Gross. Strange. Mysterious. Pointless. Wild. And a billion other words. There's some crazy stuff out there that you can buy.

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0:00 - Matthias Almost Dies
0:36 - The Right Side of YouTube
1:24 - Eating Bugs
3:49 - Collecting Real Skulls
6:04 - Matthias Breaks Our TV
7:58 - Exotic Noods
9:20 - Escape Room in a Box
11:29 - Robert Shows Off His Rats
14:36 - J-Hope Is Our Angel?
16:10 - Having An Awakening
18:30 - To You, From My Mouth
20:43 - Building Fairy Gardens
22:57 - The STRANGEST Mystery Box

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