10 Most SCARY Fish Caught on Camera

10 Worlds Most Terrifying Fish

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10 Worlds Most Terrifying Fish
Call me crazy, but fish creep me out. It’s their eyes, lidless and unblinking, staring directly into your soul.
Go ahead, laugh, but I bet if you watch this video till the end, you’ll be creeped out by them too.
Especially number one on this list so make sure you stay tuned for that. Here are 10 of the world’s most
terrifying fish.

Number 10. The Sheepshead
They say that the worst monster is the one you never notice. It sits there, in plain view, and one day you
realize it’s absolutely terrifying. That’s definitely the case with Sheepshead. They’re a popular catch in
the Gulf of Mexico and the West Atlantic. They’re also a common sight in fish markets and restaurants.
But this seemingly-innocent food fish hides a horrible secret.
If you take a look inside a Sheepshead’s mouth, you’ll find row after row of bizarrely human-like teeth.
This freaky smile earned them their name. Why? I don’t know. That freaky mouth doesn’t even remotely
remind me of a sheep. They do remind me of a persistent nightmare I had when I was a kid though, but
enough about my repressed childhood memories and let’s move on.
Are their teeth the result of secret experiments? A voodoo curse? Toxic waste? Actually, Sheepshead are
shellfish specialists who use their terrible chompers to crush their prey’s armor. We would tell you to
stay away from their bite, but let’s be honest, you’re not going anywhere near that mouth.

Number 9. Anglerfish
Commonly known as “Sea Devils,” Anglerfish are the archetypal horror of the deep. There are a lot of
kinds of these fish, but they all look so similar so I’ll just lump them together in one, terrifying ball. They
lurk on the bottom, waiting for unsuspecting prey to come their way. Their mouths are so big they can
eat fish almost as big as they are.
Anglerfish inhale their meals whole. If they’re too big, they tear into them with long, pointy fangs. If
you’re a fish, you really don’t want to get close to them. But sometimes you just won’t be able to resist.
That’s because of the glowing “fishing rod” which hangs in front of their mouths. Deep-water fish are
attracted to this like moths to a flame. Remember that scary fish in Finding Nemo? That’s an Angler. And
yes, they’re every bit as horrifying as Pixar says.
Fish aren’t the only ones which fall into their trap – you may have eaten one of these monsters without
even knowing. Anglerfish are often sold under a different name: Monkfish. They’re a delicacy in seafood
restaurants and fish markets worldwide.

Number 8. The Payara
Found in the remote reaches of the Amazon Basin, the Payara is an apex predator which regularly eats
fish half its size or bigger. They have also an unmistakable look, owing to their huge fangs which also

gave them the nickname of Vampire Fish. They specialize in hunting in fast currents, but they can show
up anywhere, from small streams to open lakes. Wherever they go, they’re at the top of the food chain.
They have a fearsome reputation. In the wild, payaras are ferocious hunters that are constantly on the
prowl for their next meal, and they don’t let anything get in the way of dinnertime. They’ve been known
to chase off medium- and large-sized fish that they don’t want to eat just so the water will be clear for
the fish that they do want to consume. They have also been known to hunt down and eat another
freshwater predator, the piranha.

Number 7. The Frilled Shark
You can’t have a list of scary sea monsters without at least one Shark on it. That’s pretty much the law.
But while all Sharks strike fear into our hearts, some species go above and beyond to scare us out of the
water. Like the frilled shark.
The frilled shark is a strange, prehistoric-looking shark that lives in the open ocean and spends much of
its time in deep, dark waters far below the sea surface. Its long, cylindrical body reaches lengths of
nearly 7 feet, and its fins are placed far back on the body.
Frilled Sharks have around 300 barbed, backward-facing fangs that funnel food into its mouth. Once this
monster gets hold of you, there’s no getting away.
Some experts think that they actually use their teeth to lure fish toward them. In the water, the Frilled
Shark’s dull grey body is almost invisible, but their bright white teeth aren’t. Fish and Squid might be
tricked into attacking the Shark’s mouth, mistaking it for prey. By the time they realize their mistake, it’s
too late to escape.

Number 6. The Sarcastic Fringehead
Most people haven’t heard of the sarcastic fringehead. Found off the Pacific coast of North America,
these fish are usually less than 10 inches long, and at first glance they’re not much to look at.

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