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Website for sale! (with developer)

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Internet. Whether you run your own web site or you’re looking to take on the challenge of building out an existing site, BestOfTheInternets.com wants to help you along the way. We’re looking to sell this domain or perhaps partner with someone who wants to turn it into a true web destination.

What is BestOfTheInternets.com?

BestOfTheInternets.com is a web site, utilizing APIs (twitter, google, youtube, itunes) to bring in the best iPhone apps, YouTube videos and more in one place for people to browse. By using what’s trending on Twitter, we’re also showcasing the most popular videos from around the web. If you’re looking for the Best of the Internets, you’ve found it.

We’ve been in control of BestOfTheInternets.com since 2011, and since then we’ve built it out on the way that little to no maintenance is required. Thanks to the evolution of APIs across the web, we can automatically pull and post content from sources all over to be browsed from one web site. We’re currently seeing 150 clicks a day with no real effort on our part to make it happen.

BestOfTheInternets.com is tied to more than 100 Twitter accounts, sending out tweets 24 hours a day.  Here is just one of the twitter accounts which helps distribute what we’ve pulled to the masses.

Benefits of Buying BestOfTheInternets.com

Some of the benefits of buying BestOfTheInternets.com include:

  • The domain, which has been around under our control for four years, and has a solid web history that will help with SEO and web development.
  • Access to 100 Twitter accounts that can help, and be used, to promote content and other endeavours.
  • Pre-built pages with a variety of content that can be updated as you see fit to take advantage of a variety of long tail keyword opportunities.
  • Comes with WordPress
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Highest Clickthru rate is on the itunes apps page

Things You Can Do with BestOfTheInternets.com

There are many different ways you can use the domain BestOfTheInternets.com, including:

  • Keeping it as is and updating content for long-tail SEO purposes.
  • Scrapping the site and using the domain for something new or for a redirect, which can have value for SEO and visibility due to length of being around.
  • Utilize attached Twitter accounts for marketing and visibility.
  • Monetize the site with Google AdSense and/or affiliate marketing.
  • Best of the Interests comes with it’s own developer. (That would be me)

BestOfTheInternets.com can be retooled anyway you think would fit your next project or used to redirect to your existing site. Whether you want to showcase the best of the web better than we did, do something even more grandiose or just highlight how your brand or persona on the web is the best, this domain can do it for you.

email me for more information.