Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightening Aren't So Frightening - PC

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      Watch out thunderand lightning Pajama Sam will be there!!Product InformationJoin Pajama Sam the world's youngest superhero as he journeys to WorldWide Weather the storm-stirring factory in the sky! Sam's spent one toomany evenings cowering under the couch so he sets out to conquer his fearof thunderstorms. It's amazing what he finds high above the clouds.xA0Just as the little guy begins to learn that storms aren't as bad as theyseem Sam accidentally sends the weather system into a frenzy. Now there'ss snow in Saigon and sunshine in Seattle! He'll need your child's helpto explore this wonderful world filled with challenging puzzles fun gamesand fantastic new friends as they help Thunder and Lightning fix the weatherto normal before Mother Nature finds out!Sam soon finds out that there is much more to this than he thought!Through wind rain sleet and snow the pint-sized superhero always deliversfun and adventure from exciting places! There's so much to do before theweather returns to normal! Luckily Sam finds lots of interesting new friendswho are willing to help.xA0 Even in a factory there's always time forbreaks! See what comes up in the Garden Lab play a game of Collect theComics and you just never know where you'll find puzzle pieces!xA0xA0xA0Product HighlightsChallenge and inspire kids to think for themselves in creative and flexibleways.Kids play with faithful lovable friends as they discover captivating worldswhere they direct the journey and overcome challenges at their own pace.The heart-warming characters and engaging adventures come to life throughfeature-film quality animation original music and the power of a child'simagination.xA0KeyFeatures IncludePlay again and again - new puzzles and new locations await each time youplay!Click points reveal hundreds and hundreds of hidden surprises!Special games and activities encourage creativity help teach spatial relationsand sharpen problem-solving skills.Out of time? Save the game and finis

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