Castle Explorer - PC/Mac

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  • Runs on WIN 95,98,ME,XP / MAC 8.6-9.X (CLASSIC) Only

Product Description

      Join Stephen Biesty on the ultimate medievallearning adventure!Product InformationA medieval learning adventure featuring the acclaimed illustrations of StephenBiesty. What was it like to live work eat sleep fight and play in themighty feudal fortresses that loomed over the landscape of 14th-century Europe?Find out by completing a dangerous secret mission inside the stone walls ofBaron Mortimer's castle.Meet live-action characters and explore brilliantly rendered 3D environmentsas you strive to complete your quest - and escape the dungeon.Treason is afoot in Baron Mortimer's castle. The king has entrusted you alowly page with a dangerous mission: enter the castle in disguise and foil thebaron's plot to seize the royal crown for himself.In your search for clues you'll encounter the castle's inhabitants from theservants who tend to the baron's every need to the alchemist who mixes strangepotions in his quest for forbidden knowledge. You'll move from the dank darkrecesses to the dungeon to the high watchtowers where soldiers scan the horizonfor signs of danger. You'll listen to troubadours see jousts overlook banquetsin the great hall and learn about siege disease and knightly combat.Construct a 59-piece scale model of a castle under siege.But be mindful. While you spy on the baron someone may be spying on you.Think carefully before you answer any questions that the castle characters askyou. You'll also need to piece together a long-forgotten map to find the hiddentunnel through which the treacherous baron plans to escape if there's a siege.Will you make your way back to the King's Court - or will your fate be thedungeon?Experience the drama and danger of life in a 14th-century castle!You've been entrusted with a dangerous mission.Explore 3D environments featuring the acclaimed illustrations of Stephen Biestyand meet live-action characters as you strive to complete your quest - andescape the dungeon.Skills Learned Find out how medieval people lived Analyze differe

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    • 3: Windows XP
    • 4: Mac OS 9 and below
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