Rubber Toy Shuriken 4pc Set plus Foam Target Bundle

New: $12.00

Price as of 03/22/18

  • The four shuriken included are made of a sturdy but safe rubber, making it safe to use, without any dangerous outcomes!!
  • The four shuriken included are; 1 Sanpo (three pointed), 1 Shiho (Four pointed), 1 Roppo (Six pointed) and 1 Manji (Four curved points)
  • There are also five paper target designs included to provide constant shuriken practice!! Even if you run out of target papers, it will still be fun and worthwhile to use the mat as a target!
  • This foam mat is soft, lightweight and very compact! Meaning it's easy to move around from room to room and place to place, making your training and practice also just as versatile! You'll be able to practice in different environments, allowing you to be able to use shuriken no matter where you are!!
  • Even though all the products are made of rubber, and soft foam, we do advice that you use these items with care, as we do not want anyone to get hurt! These are child safe, but we suggest that an adult be present when a child is using it. Please enjoy and practice safely!!