Yukon Glute, Hamstring, Back, and Abs Hyperextension Bench. GHD Exercise and Crossfit Machine.

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Price as of 08/20/17

  • Fully Adjustable to Accommodate a Variety of Users
  • Thick 8"" Pad for Comfort
  • Non-Slip FootPlate Built-in

Product Description

      Strengthens and tightens lower back to perfection. Helps develop back, isolate glutens and hamstring muscles for superb definition. Quick adjustments accommodates all users and the traction enhanced Foot Plate allows for secure positioning during use. Washboard Abs are easy on our Hyper Extension Machine.

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  • ItemDimensions:
    • Height: 4600
    • Length: 6000
    • Weight: 6800
    • Width: 2600