Sports Olia Taekwondo Durable Kick Pad Target 2 Pack Black

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Price as of 08/19/17

  • This target is used for Taekwondo (or other martial Arts) fans to practice low and high kicks! the whole body is durable and flexibility
  • This double sides target is ideal design for practicing high and low kicks, enhance your speed, accuracy and strength
  • Applicable in batting practice of Taekwondo, martial art etc
  • With wrist strap to Stop the kick pad from dropping
  • Design: double kicking pad, which it consist of the two pcs target leaf
  • EANList:
    • EANListElement: 0702685417110
  • IsAutographed: IsAutographed
  • PackageDimensions:
    • Height: 100
    • Length: 1000
    • Width: 800
  • UPCList:
    • UPCListElement: 702685417110