Lifetime 0644 Basketball Pole Pad, 4 Feet High

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Price as of 03/18/17

  • Heavy-duty indoor, outdoor vinyl pole pad for 4 in. square pole.
  • Use with 4 " Square Pole
  • Reduce the risks of injury from impact with a basketball pole pad
  • Easily attaches to pole with Velcro straps
  • ASIN: B0000ATWUE

Product Description

      Donu2019t let unnecessary bumps and bruises interrupt your game; use a pole pad. Pole pads decrease the risks from impact with the pole. With a pole pad, you can avoid additional, unnecessary risks during an aggressive game of basketball. Our pole pads easily attach to your 4 in. pole with velcro straps and are designed for indoor and outdoor use. This pole pad will provide you with many years of protection from those hard knocks. Invest in your safety with one of Lifetimeu2019s pole pads for your basketball system.

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    • Weight: 3.5
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