JumpStart Numbers

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  • Ages 5-8
  • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7
  • Help Frankie collect the correct number of asteroids to complete the math problem in Snack-troids.
  • Join Frankie in some good old-fashioned bone-slinging in Bone-anza!
  • ASIN: B0002GOYA4

Product Description

      Learn Numbers and Early Math on an Incredible Biscuit-filled Adventure!Product InformationChildren will have the most fun while learning about numbers!Give your 5-8 year old a fun way to learn early math skills with JumpStartLearning Games:xA0 Numbers.xA0 They will learn about additionsubtraction sequences counting and more while they play exciting arcade-stylegames. Your kids will play exciting arcade-style games as they learn aboutaddition subtraction sequences counting and much more with Jump StartNumbers!Frankie the Dog is all out of doggie biscuits. He needs your help to collectsome tasty dog biscuits for his collection. When you join him as he daydreams ofways to get more you'll learn numbers as you play your way through theseexciting fantasy lands. Have some good old-fashioned bone-slinging fun in theWild West of Bone-anza. Search for treasure on Bonebeards Treasure island orventure to Snack-troids in the middle of an asteroid belt. Along the way youwill play games that teach early math and number recognition.So come and blast asteroids duel in the Old West -even search for buriedtreasure as you collect dog biscuits for good 'old Frankie!xA0 Join Frankie in three wild dreams as the fun-loving canine becomes an astronauta pirate and cowboy and searches for biscuits in places only his imaginationcan take him - and you!Use your number skills to catch asteroids unearth treasure chests and proveyou're the fastest bone slinger in the West. If you can refill the BiscuitVault you'll make Frankie a happy dog!Extremely easy to navigate kids can click on one of three bubbles aboveFrankie's sleepy head and transport into three very different worlds.Product Features Help Frankie collect the correct number of asteroids to complete the math problem in Snack-troids. Learn about numbers and grouping as you help Frankie find Bonebeard's Treasure. Join Frankie in some good old-fashione

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