Goalrilla Deluxe Basketball Hoop Light

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  • Powerful, Long-Lasting Halogen Lights Illuminate Backboard, Rim and Court
  • 1000 Watts of Non-Blinding Illumination
  • Fits All Goalrilla Units and Other Permanent Goals with 5"x5", 6"x6", and 6"x8" Poles
  • Includes Protective Wire Cover Over Light
  • Easy to Install
  • ASIN: B000A7Q4L2

Product Description


Goalrilla Deluxe Hoop Light

At Goalrilla, we know how important basketball court lighting is when that late afternoon game stretches into the night, so we developed a basketball spotlight that lights the court when the sun goes down. The Goalrilla Deluxe Basketball Hoop Light design is patented and the only basketball hoop light that extends out over the court. This allows light to flood the court and not shine into the players' eyes when shooting or rebounding. With durable construction and innovative thinking that helps you up your game, no other basketball hoop light has what it takes to be a Goalrilla.


  • Powerful, long-lasting halogen lights illuminate backboard, rim and court
  • Includes protective wire cover over light
  • 1000 watts of non-blinding illumination (2- 500watt lights)
  • Operates on standard 110V
  • Fits all Goalrilla units and other permanent goals with 5"x5", 6"x6", and 6"x8" poles
  • Easy to install and easy to lower for safe and convenient bulb changing
  • Directs light down onto the court instead of out and into the players' eyes

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    • Height: 800
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    • Weight: 3100
    • Width: 1000
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