Goalrilla Basketball 9" Anchor System

New: $87.79

Price as of 08/19/17

  • Anchor System for All Goalrilla Goals
  • Not Compatible with Silverback or Goaliath Goals
  • Installs In-Ground with Concrete and Rebar Steel Rods
  • Allows your Goalrilla Goal to Move with You
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty

Product Description


The Goalrilla Anchor System provides the firm foundation for your Goalrilla Goal. If you're going to throw down dunks and expect long-term use out of your hoop, then you'll need a solid base, and this Anchor System does exactly that.
This anchor system is installed in the ground using (11) 80Lb bags of concrete (not included). Then, your Goalrilla Goal is mounted to the anchor kit, giving it all the strength of the concrete below, without being permanently anchored in the ground. If your family decides to move houses, remove the bolts connecting your Goalrilla Goal to the anchor kit, and transport your goal to your new home. Install a new anchor kit at your new home and securely bolt the goal in its new location. The Goalrilla Anchor Kit System offers all the durability and playability of having the goal permanently cemented in the ground with the ability to take the goal with you if you move homes.

  • Rock-solid system with rebar steel rods to reinforce the concrete
  • Installation process allows for easy leveling
  • Easily attach your Goalrilla system to the anchor kit with 4 bolts
  • Designed for simple dismounting to take the goal with you when you move
  • Fits all Goalrilla units
  • Allows you to use your Goalrilla unit for a lifetime
  • 90-day Limited Warranty
  • Anchor Kit is included with all Goalrilla Goals

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    • Width: 2500
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