DisplayGifts Deluxe UV Acrylic Full Size Football Display Case Stand with Mirror, Riser Stand, ACFB18M

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Price as of 08/19/17

  • Double layered black acrylic base with gold risers
  • BALL is NOT included.
  • Prevents Autograph Fading
  • 12.25"W X 8.5"H X 8.25"D (Outside), Interior 12"W X 7"H X 8"D
  • Mirrored back, UV Protection
  • ASIN: B00JG9HK4K

Product Description

      The display case would be a great way to display your autographed NFL footballs. Mirrored Background to reflect light. The ball is held with 4 Gold Risers for elegant presentation. UV Protection Acrylic cover to protect from dust and damage. Fits Full size NFL, College or junior size football. No assembly required. Dimensions: 12.25"W X 8.5"H X 8.25"D (Outside with Base) Weight (net): 4 lbs Interior 12"W X 8.25"H X 8"D

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