The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

New: $24.99

Price as of 07/29/17

  • Your brain will thank you. Outrageous 3-D graphics and animation
  • Play till your brain explodes. Unlimited game play
  • Your actual brain may vary. Switch back and forth while you play, from novice, expert and genius skill levels.
  • Brain stuck? Don't sweat it! Get hints anytime from Dr. Elaina
  • No brainer! Unfinished games are automatically saved
  • ASIN: B00002S81G

Product Description

      Twist it, shake it, and wake up your brain! Ooooops! In a bizarre laboratory accident, Dr. Brain's mind got mixed up with his lab rat's, and the results are, well... mind-boggling! Now Dr, Brain's destiny is in your hands. Unlock the secrets hidden deep within his eccentric mind as you puzzle over the twists and turns packed into over a thousand wild, wacky brain-busting adventures!

  • CatalogNumberList:
    • CatalogNumberListElement: B00002S81G
  • EANList:
    • EANListElement: 0020626931168
  • ESRBAgeRating: ESRBAgeRating
  • PackageDimensions:
    • Height: 40
    • Length: 540
    • Weight: 10
    • Width: 480
  • Platform:
    • 0: Windows 95
    • 1: Windows 98
    • 2: Mac OS 9 and below
  • UPCList:
    • UPCListElement: 020626931168