Quicksheet Spreadsheet for Palm Computing Organizers

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Price as of 03/24/17

  • supports up to 15 named sheets per workbook and allows you to link the sheets
  • comprehensive set of cell editing and formatting features
  • intuitive user interface that takes advantage of the screen size of the handheld device
  • integrates with Microsoft Excel 5.0 or greater using windows 95/98 or NT on your desktop
  • has the features to turn your Palm computing handheld into a decision-making tool

Product Description

      Quicksheet is a fully functional spreadsheet application for Palm Computing handhelds. It uses HotSync Technology to automatically synchronize entire spreadsheets to or from Microsoft Excel. Quicksheet includes 45 built-in functions with support for many scientific, financial, date/time and statistical calculations and numerous cell formatting and editing functions. Quicksheet is a powerful tool that allows you to get more out of your Palm organizer and has been Platinum Certified by 3Com.

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