JumpStart Artist

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  • Jump Start Artist gives your child the tools to discover and explore the world of art.
  • Kids create their own masterpieces using many exclusive design tools.
  • By playing games, your child will discover famous artists, artworks, and art styles while learning the basic principles of art, including lines and shapes, primary and secondary colors, textures and patterns, symmetry, value, and other important art concepts.
  • JumpStart Artist introduces children to the magical world of drawing, painting, puppets, collage, and more.
  • With countless ways for children to express themselves artistically, they'll have all the fun they can imagine!
  • ASIN: B00001XDUD


      JumpStart Artist is designed to promote the awareness and practice of art among children. Its painting and drawing tools include watercolors, oils, tempera, spray paints, colored pencils, chalk, charcoal, and more. Its arts and crafts tools allow kids to make stamps, stickers, buttons, puppets, collages, quilting, and stitching. The animated movies feature brings to life the pictures children make. Four games teach art fundamentals in an interactive carnival setting.

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