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      InventorLabs invites you to enter the world of three great inventors who gave wings--and wheels--to all mankind. Meet the Wright brothers and help them build their revolutionary flying machine. Visit the turn-of-the-century workshop of Gottlieb Daimler, and explore his groundbreaking 1901 Mercedes automobile. Then tour George Stephenson's cottage, where you'll reinvent the world's first practical steam locomotive. Science springs to life in a fascinating, hands-on celebration of man in motion.

You'll be transported to another world to wander through each workroom, to open drawers, examine tools, and explore real drawings, patents, and notebooks. Meet the extraordinary men who invented the future. Probe the innermost workings of their remarkable vehicles. Then test your wits by conducting dozens of experiments, each with many unique outcomes. Like the great inventors, you'll learn from your failures as much as your accomplishments.

A User Workbook allows you to record your progress as you master the art of scientific observation, experimentation, and analysis. You'll build modern-day skills as you solve the great engineering puzzles of yesteryear.

Create your own crazy car, boat, or glider. Here's your chance to design the ultimate, strategically sound vehicle. Choose an engine, battery, and chassis, then add extras such as wings, solar panels, and more. Race your creation in over a dozen challenging courses with photorealistic objects and obstacles.

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