Gus Goes To Cyberopolis (PC/ MAC CD Jewel Cased)

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  • Early reading skills including sound, letter and object recognition.
  • Early math skills including number and object coorespondance, adding & subtracting.
  • Spelling, language usage and rhymes.
  • Curiosity and problem solving skills via challenging activities.
  • Award Winning childrens title.
  • ASIN: B0006OQZHC

Product Description

      Learn the secrets and explore the magic of Cyberopolis with Gus, the hippest, most lovable dog in town! Help the newest cyberbud, Rae, come to life on Earth by rounding up all her Cyberbud friends. Kids will enjoy hours of exploration filled with engagin games and learning. Visit the Aquarium and click on the fish to watch them swim or visit the Science Dome and meet world famous scientists and search out Cyberbuds who appear in the wierdest places! For Ages 3-8 Award winning software.

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