Firearms Guide 7th Edition ONLINE - Presents 64,300 guns and 6,300 gun schematics - with Gun Values!

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  • Firearms Guide 7th Edition ONLINE is the first fully researchable global database of firearms, air guns and ammunition created for industry professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Presents 64,300 guns from 921 manufacturers worldwide and 6,300 gun schematics & blueprints. GUN VALUES are provided for Antique and Modern guns in condition grades from 100% to 30%.
  • NEW ONLINE VERSION - MEMBERSHIP ONLY! - For Mac and PC, any computer, desktop, laptop or tablet - 24/7 access from anywhere! In your office or shop, in your home or on the go!
  • TOTAL ACCESS 1 YEAR Membership (top level membership). Find gun values! Print schematics! Enjoy exploring guns from 50 countries with 14 search criteria!
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      Firearms Guide ( is the first fully researchable global database of firearms, air guns and ammunition created for industry professionals and enthusiasts. It enables deep, complex searches of antique and modern guns and side by side comparisons of search results. Guns are cross-referenced with the ammunition database. Firearms Guide enables gun industry professionals to perform deep and complex research by combining up to 14 key search criteria (caliber, country, year, action type, stock type, etc), or they can research guns made by a specific manufacturer by simply selecting the manufacturer. Guns and ammo are presented with tech-specifications, features, ballistic and up to 12 high-resolution zoom able color pictures (up to 4000 x 1240) per model. GUN VALUES of antique and modern guns and prices of new guns are provided for professionals in the gun trade as well as access to thousands of zoom able and printable gun schematics and parts lists for professional gunsmiths worldwide. With constant FREE UPDATES is growing every day, covering new guns, more antique guns and constantly updating antique gun values and prices of new guns. presents over 64,300 antique and modern firearms, airguns and ammunition from 921 manufacturers worldwide. Gun manufacturers from 50 countries! contains over 6,300 gun SCHEMATICS, BLUEPRINTS and parts lists for all types of antique and modern guns. You can zoom it in and see all gun parts on any computer or tablet anytime, anywhere- in your office, in your home, in your shop or on the go. TOTAL ACCESS 1 YEAR membership last 365 days and provides you access to ALL material available. After purchase membership code is emailed to you and you can than register at and claim your code for free membership. This is not a DVD - it is membership based online gun database. RETURN POLICY: Digital membership are non-returnable.

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