Adobe After Effects Standard 7.0 Old Version

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Price as of 03/18/17

  • Redesigned, unified user interface for intelligent workflow
  • Animate multiple cameras and lights, for realistic depth in 3D compositions
  • Design Web-friendly text animation
  • Text editing palettes and profiles
  • Creative fractal noise, blurs, distortion and warping effects
  • ASIN: B000E8JL9O

Product Description

      After Effects 7.0 animates your ideas. This incredible visual effects suite provides the right mix of power and versatility, for adding a new dimension to your film, video, DVD and Flash productions. Create compelling motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects with efficiency, precision, and infinite variety. Take advantage of its unmatched integration with other Adobe software, along with its flexible 2D and 3D compositing, and hundreds of effects and Animation Presets to create animated graphics that capture the imagination. Skew image corners to simulate 3D with the Corner Pin tool, or warp an image with the Bulge Apply 3D effects and isolate 3D elements with unique embedded Object ID Use motion blurs and timewarp effects, and use new time remapping and frame blending tools Work with advanced glow and lightning tools, particle effects and scatters Add smoke & sparks, blazing ray-of-light transitions, change hues and more -- over 60 bundled Cycore effects included Motion sketch and smoother tools, plus Motion Sketcher, Tracker and Stabilizer Nondestructive vector painting for cleaning up footage, drawing masks, cloning elements and creating animation Advanced Clone tool with multiple presets and onion skinning of the source frame Animated paint strokes change their size, position or shape & create write-on and write-off effects Stereo mixing and audio effects Export to Macromedia Flash OpenGL and Network rendering Use standard JavaScript to modify expressions or create your own from scratch Library of preset commands reduce keystrokes and improve productivity Wacom tablet support Integrates with Adobe Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, Premiere Pro 2.0, Encore DVD Adobe Bridge compatible for easier asset management

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