Natural Air Purifying Bag, CCbetter 200g Deodorizer Bag, Activated Charcoal Bag,Odor Absorber for Car Kitchen and Room

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  • 1. CCbetter Bamboo charcoal air purifying deodorizer is 100% natural, effective & safety for human
  • 2.High standard processing procedure, packed in air free flowing fabric bag to provide best quality filtering results
  • 3.Detoxify your area, it will absorb bad odors, kills bacteria and cleanse the air safely. You can save money rather than buy the chemical form air freshener
  • 4.Longer usage life span for up to 2 years. Just expose the charcoal under the sun, once a month for 1 hour to re energize the detoxifying bamboo charcoal content inside the bag.
  • and friendly customer service with 1 year warranty and passed the safety quality test
  • ASIN: B018TMZ4H4

Product Description

      The CCbetter bamboo deodorizer charcoal is made from natural and safe green bamboo which consist of multiple small sponge micro holes like, that holds micro germs and bacteria that cause bad odors and molds. It will effectively cleanse the air when it pass through the charcoal bag.
What you can get is 100% natural safe for human health, chemical free and odorless tool as air freshener at home, offices, bathroom and cars. No need of electronic activator anymore to stimulate the chemical, this is natural. Just hang or place it on the location you like and let this bamboo charcoal filter the air for you.

Net weight: 200 Grams
Content: Natural bamboo charcoal
Bag Size: 16.5 cm X 15 cm

1 X 200 Grams Bamboo Charcoal bag

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