AcuRite 01080M Pro Accuracy Temperature & Humidity Monitor with Alarms

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Price as of 08/19/17

  • Measures indoor temperature and humidity from -4 to 158xB0F (-20 to 70xB0F) and 1-99% RH
  • Professional accuracy: +/- 2xB0F, +/- 2% RH with manual calibration option
  • Programmable high and low humidity alarm, helpful humidity level indicator
  • Displays high and low records for past 24 hours and for all-time
  • Measures conditions every 10 seconds

Product Description

      Know your indoor environment. With an AcuRite pro accuracy indoor temperature and humidity monitor with alarms, you get reliable Information that can help you ensure a comfortable living space, and better air quality, all while taking steps to preserve your home's interior and valuable possessions. The digital thermometer and humidity gauge combination offers pro-level accuracy, measures conditions every 10 seconds and features an easy-to-read digital display. Includes a customizable, programmable high and low humidity alarm, and records daily and all-time highs and lows that can tell you if conditions exceed your desired ranges. A handy humidity meter tells you, at-a-glance, if your indoor humidity level is within a safe range. Compact, easy to use, and offering a variety of mounting options, it's a must-have for any home or office.

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