Emerson Ceiling Fans CFSCKBQ Sloped Ceiling Kit, Vaulted Ceiling Fan Mount, Barbeque Black

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  • Emerson standard hanging system can be used for sloped ceilings up to 26 Degree and 6-12 pitch ceiling
  • Available in all current Emerson finishes

Product Description

      Get a refreshing breeze anywhere with the Emerson CFSCK Sloped Ceiling Kit meeting your home's needs. This fitter lets your ceiling fan hang tough on ceilings that slope up to 45 degrees. Comes in your choice of available finishes. About Emerson Fan J. W. Emerson founded the Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company over 125 years ago in St. Louis, Mo. Still based in the St. Louis area, Emerson Fan has been meticulously making ceiling fans with the finest materials available. Starting with railroad switches, his company soon expanded to ceiling fans and was the first to create a personal desk fan, a fad of office buildings during the 1920s. Emerson takes pride in providing more powerful u2013 yet quieter u2013 ceiling fan motors, more efficient airflow, and lower energy cost to its customers all while lending a timeless look that will complement any design aesthetic. Besides its St. Louis headquarters, Emerson has production facilities in Dallas and Richardson, Texas, Lenexa, Kan., and Murfreesboro, Tenn. Works with ceilings up to 45 degrees. Durable metal construction. Your choice of available finish. UL Listed for dry use. Dimensions: 2L x 2W x 6.5D inches.

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    • Height: 775
    • Length: 1725
    • Weight: 100
    • Width: 1425
  • ItemDimensions:
    • Height: 775
    • Length: 1725
    • Weight: 200
    • Width: 1425
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