B&C Eagle A238X113/22 Round Head 2-3/8-Inch x .113 x 22 Degree Bright Smooth Shank Plastic Collated Framing Nails (500 per box)

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Price as of 08/18/17

  • Compatible with a variety of nail guns
  • Full round head
  • Available in a 500 count
  • For use in 20 to 22 degree plastic collation framing nailers
  • Plastic collated smooth shank
  • Bright finish for interior use in non-treated lumber only
  • New and improved packaging helps protect product during shipment
  • ASIN: B00004R9TU

Product Description

      B&C Eagle collated fasteners are made to the highest quality standards and are guaranteed to work in tools for which they are intended. Our fasteners work with many brands of pneumatic tools like Bostitch, DeWALT, Senco, Paslode, Duo-Fast, Hitachi, Makita, Porter Cable and more. If your tool model number is listed below and our fastener fits within the size range of your tool, our fastener will work, guaranteed. We use only high quality collation materials and glues to keep the fasteners together before and during use. Use B&C Eagle fasteners for more positive drives, fewer jams and lasting quality. Please make sure you select the right coating for your application. Bright fasteners should only be used for interior applications in non-treated lumber. Hot Dip Galvanized fasteners are for interior or exterior applications in treated lumber. For the best corrosion protection available, always use Stainless Steel fasteners. Visit our website at www.bandceagle.com or give us a call for more technical information or if you have any questions on our fasteners. ***As of July 1st 2013 we've updated all of our packaging. Buy with confidence that you will receive our product shipped from AMAZON.COM intact. *** These fasteners are ENGINEERED TO FIT: B&C Eagle: SN2283, SN2290, Bosch: SN350-20F, Bostitch: F21PL, N88RH, N88RH-2MCN, N90RHN, N95RHN, RN90, Campbell Hausfeld: NS209000AV, NS219099AV, DeWALT: D51844, D51845, D51850, Duo-Fast: 903000, CN-350B, DF350S, NSP-350F1, NSP-350F2, SNP83, Fasco: F5C RHN 20-90, F5C RHN 20-90A SS, F6 RHN 20-90, Hitachi: NR83A, NR83A2, NR83A2S, NR90AC, NR90AC3, NR90AE, NR90AEPR, Makita: AN8300, AN922, AN923, Max: GS683RH, GS683RH-EX, SN80, SN883RH, SN890RH, SN90, Paslode: 5325 SRH, 5350 SRH-20, Porta-Nails: 660, Porter Cable: FR350, FR350A, FR350B, FR350MAG, Ridgid: R350RHA, Senco: FRAMEPRO 502, FRAMEPRO 600 , FRAMEPRO 602, FRAMEPRO 650FRH, FRAMEPRO 652, FRAMEPRO 700XL FRH, FRAMEPRO 702XP, FRAMEPRO 752XP, GT90FRH, SN60, SN65, SN65C, SN902XP, Spotnail: NPR90, YPR90, WEN: 61790, 61792, 91232. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR TOOL OWNER'S MANUAL FOR SIZE RANGES. For the most up to date list of tools this fastener is compatible with, please visit our website at www.bandceagle.com

  • CatalogNumberList:
    • CatalogNumberListElement: A238X113/22
  • EANList:
    • EANListElement: 0649853990030
  • ItemDimensions:
    • Height: 300
    • Length: 400
    • Weight: 3.6
    • Width: 850
  • ListPrice:
    • Amount: 1864
    • CurrencyCode: USD
    • FormattedPrice: $18.64
  • Model: Model
  • PackageDimensions:
    • Height: 370
    • Length: 870
    • Weight: 360
    • Width: 380
  • UPCList:
    • UPCListElement: 649853990030