Adjustable Mobile Base for Power Tools HTC-2000 - Give Your Workshop Breathing Room by Making Your Larger Tools Mobile (up to 500 lbs.!)

New: $54.99

Price as of 05/23/18

  • Rugged 500-lb capacity means your heaviest machines will glide out of your way.
  • Fully adjustable to fit almost any machine / tool. Expands from 12x12 inches to 36x36, and can go up to 20x52 - all in one-inch increments.
  • Foot lever lock-unlock for ease of use, and the four wheels are durable hard rubber, which adds to the stability.
  • Very low profile - increases machine height by less than 1 inch, meaning it won't interfere with operation.
  • Powder coated steel side rails and bottoms, plus Bora's superior craftsmanship, make this a rock solid base. Features a limited lifetime warrantee.
  • ASIN: B00002262M