Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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      NOTE: This ISBN has been Revised by the Author for The 2005 Broadway Revival.

u201CTwelve times a week,u201D answered Uta Hagen, when asked how often sheu2019d like to play Martha in Whou2019s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Like her, audiences and critics alike could not get enough of Edward Albeeu2019s masterful play. A dark comedy, it portrays husband and wife George and Martha in a searing night of dangerous fun and games. By the eveningu2019s end, a stunning, almost unbearable revelation provides a climax that has shocked audiences for years. With the playu2019s razor-sharp dialogue and the stripping away of social pretense, Newsweek rightly foresaw Whou2019s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? as u201Ca brilliantly original work of artu2014an excoriating theatrical experience, surging with shocks of recognition and dramatic fire [that] will be igniting Broadway for some time to come.u201D

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