Who Tells Your Story?: History, Pop Culture, and Hidden Meanings in the Musical Phenomenon Hamilton

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      Hamilton, the hip-hop rap musical, has revolutionized theater. Itu2019s the story of an immigrant, u201Cyoung, scrappy, and hungry,u201D who kicked off the Revolutionary War and built the central government of today. Within this book appears the musicalu2019s backstory with many deeper insights. How do the Schuyler Sistersu2019 signature colors reveal their personalities? Which stage equipment best amplifies the themes? What of the words like u201CSatisfiedu201D and u201CMy Shot,u201D with so many double and triple meanings? Most importantly, weu2019ll explore how the show hauntingly echoes todayu2019s political climate and hottest issues. As the musical extends a mirror of vibrant, diverse, passionate America, it captivates all who discover it.

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