When Lupus Throws You For A Loop: A Handbook For The Newly Diagnosed, Lupus Veterans, And For Those Who Love Them

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When Lupus Throws You for a Loop is a handbook for those newly diagnosed, lupus veterans, and those who love them. It takes you on a journey to acceptance acknowledging the difficulty of incorporating lupus into your life. You learn ways to communicate effectively, live with unpredictability, imperfection, stress, and loss of control. You learn to read your bodyu2019s signals, enhance your relationships regarding intimacy, and increase your positivity and resilience. The book explores the various types of impact lupus has on adolescents and adults as well as the relationships of your significant others. You learn to feel confidant, proud, strong and empowered. You learn what it is to be a true warrior of lupus.

One year after being diagnosed with lupus, the author earned a masteru2019s degree in social work. Rather than focus on the negativity of her diagnosis, Donna Oram decided to volunteer and work in the lupus community for twenty-plus years mentoring positive attitudinal changes. The book is interspersed with personal and professional experiences Donna encountered. Her vast knowledge, insight, and empathy for those who have lupus and those who love them guided her desire to help. She has u201Cwalked the walk.u201D

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