What Your Mother Couldn't Tell You and Your Father Didn't Know: Advanced Relationship Skills for Better Communication and Lasting Intimacy

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      In his runaway year-long number one New York Times bestseller, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, John Gray showed us how we can improve relationships with the opposite sex by understanding, accepting, and respecting the differences between men and women and strengthening communication. His insights into gender differences and his practical advice struck a chord with millions of readers and saved many thousands of relationships.

Now, in his provocative and important new book, What Your Mother Couldn't Tell You & Your Father Didn't Know, Gray answers the questions that our parents could not about relating and communicating with the opposite sex.

Times have changed. The old ways of relating, which may have worked for our parents, are definitely out-of-date and sometimes counterproductive. Relationships today require new skills to achieve lasting fulfillment. Having a husband who brings home a paycheck or a wife who maintains a nice, clean home is no longer enough.

John Gray draws upon his extensive work with singles and couples in his seminars to point us in a new direction. He promises--and delivers--the necessary information for creating and sustaining loving and mutually fulfilling relationships. He offers a new seed that, when planted and watered, will grow into a relationship that is not only loving but lasting.

By teaching relationship skills that address contemporary individuals' and couples' needs, John Gray offers practical ways in which to enjoy and celebrate the differences between men and women in peace and with passion.

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