Top 16 Things to See and Do in Stockholm - Top 16 Stockholm Travel Guide

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u201C16 Things to See and Do in Stockholmu201D is an easy to use, no-nonsense travel guide showing you the 16 best tourist attractions Stockholm has to offer. Packed full of interesting and useful information for each attraction, this Stockholm travel guide is the ultimate travel accessory for discovering this iconic city!

Inside Atsons u201C16 Things to See and Do in Stockholmu201D:
  • Stockholmu2019s top 16 tourist attractions listed in order of importance.
  • High quality photos of all the Stockholm attractions.
  • Easy to digest descriptions of every attraction.
  • Recommendations of what to see and do to give you a better visiting experience.
  • Attraction highlights include the Vasa Museum, the Skansen Open-Air Museum, Gamla Stan, Djurgarden, and Stockholm City Hall.

u201C16 Things to See and Do in Stockholmu201D Travel Guide features:

  • Easy Navigation: Effortlessly jump from one attraction to another using the interactive contents.
  • Add notes to the guide for a more personal guidebook.
  • Use bookmarks to save your favourite pages.
  • A Map of Stockholm showing the location of every attraction.


There are lots of travel guides for Stockholm, why should I get this one?

If you are looking for an easy-to-read and straight-to-the-point Stockholm travel guide, then this is for you. Visiting Stockholmu2019s most famous and fascinating attractions is one of the main draws of a trip to Stockholm, but with so many to choose from it can be difficult to pick the attractions you want to visit. Unlike most travel guides, this guide focuses on Stockholmu2019s 16 best attractions, making your decision on what to see in Stockholm that much easier.

Iu2019ve never been to Stockholm, will this guide help me?

If youu2019ve never visited Stockholm or plan on visiting but donu2019t know where to go then this Stockholm travel guide is the perfect starting point. Stockholm has so many interesting and unique places that it can often be difficult to decide where you want to go. This guide is here to help you with that decision by giving you 16 breathtaking tourist attractions to choose from, with the added bonus of the guide being a top 16 list so you'll know exactly where to start your journey.

What is the recommended time of visit to Stockholm using just this guide?

If you're planning on spending a week or less in Stockholm, then this guide will be perfect for you. All the attractions have photos, descriptions, historical info, and are listed in order of importance making it easy to plan your trip. If you plan on spending more than a week in Stockholm then it is better to purchase a bigger guide.

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